Ultimately, there’s only one genuine authority in your life …YOU!  It is you who must arrive at your decisions. It is you who carries out the actions and activities based on those decisions. It is also you who must live with the rewards and consequences of those choices and actions. So if you’ve been looking for an external authority figure – a guru, mentor or leader to tell you how to best handle your life and make “The Law of Attraction” work for you, you’re looking in the wrong place. That authority you seek answers from is you. Whether you are conscious of it or not, it is you who is in control of your life.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t fret. Mr Sayed Mia has worked hard on a new series for you based on the Law of Attraction. It’s filled with inspirational lessons that he’s learned over the years and he’s sharing it with you in the hope that you find help in the different chapters of this series so that you too, can accomplish all that you want.

Please join us as we delve into this wonderful new series with Chapter 3 today! We hope you enjoy!

Since we are all connected as a human race and a consciousness, the decisions you make to improve your life will impact the collective – especially those closest to you! In this way, your spiritual practice isn’t entirely a private issue. Your most profound personal and spiritual growth provides a collective benefit to all. This means the opposite is true too. The growth, or lack thereof, of those around you will have an impact on you as well. This principle of connection is important to understand when working consciously with the Law of Attraction.

Let’s understand how we can get our connection in order. A lot of the extreme conflicts on the planet result from the decision to pass on negative personal emotions and harmful, hateful judgements towards others. Any ideas, beliefs and values which mark other humans as evil, unworthy or damaged is toxic. Such notions must be dropped in order to live consciously, and manifest your desires.

Values which are out of alignment with kindness, respect for the free will of others, truth and personal rights will conflict with the highest good and permit the believer to do harm to others. The wellbeing of the whole can’t be protected when the parts choose to fight amongst themselves. Your private spiritual obligation is to ensure that you hold convictions or beliefs that are lined up with the rule of unity. To the degree that you brush off this obligation, you inflict harm to others by showing separateness rather than unity.

You cannot assign this to any other individual. This is a principle you must follow for yourself. In order for your convictions to be lined up with the Law of Attraction, they must be effective. You can use the following 8 qualifiers to ensure your beliefs align with the highest good and therefore, will not interfere with your Law of Attraction.



An effective belief has to be in line with your observation of truth. Your convictions or beliefs can’t negate any facts you understand to be true.



For your thoughts to be compelling, they should together address your whole field of experience if you encounter matters that lie outside your beliefs or convictions about truth, then your belief framework is incomplete, and a fragmented or incomplete belief framework can never be completely trusted.



An effective belief adjusts well to new conditions. It provides fitting guidance regardless of your enjoyment, salary, level , relationship circumstance or lifestyle.



It’s never great to have beliefs that lead you to mischief or harm yourself or other individuals. Such thoughts are based on ignorance and fear. Effective thoughts don’t urge dishonest or violence.



Your beliefs must be internally consistent with each other, or you need to have a clear procedure of resolving things that don’t jive.



You acquire your initial set of beliefs during your early childhood, based on the beliefs of the adults around you. As an aware adult, those beliefs should be reviewed, analysed and then adjusted or eliminated based on your adult beliefs. This is an ongoing process that might take years, if not your entire life.



Your beliefs must empower you with possibility. They should never mark or mislabel what it is you want as possible. If you think something is impossible for you, then so it will be. This is a foundational truth of the Law of Attraction. That which you believe is what you will continue.

What have we learned from all of the above? It’s simple.

Take time to set down a couple of your present beliefs about reality. What do you trust to be genuine about your wellbeing, kinships, monetary resources, spirituality, career etc? Next, take a look at the criteria above to see how your own beliefs measure up. If you don’t like what you see, then its time to change your beliefs.

As you review your beliefs about the areas of your life that you want to improve, you can expect to uncover false beliefs that are holding you back. Remember to keep in mind that your beliefs are not just perceptions of reality, but they also specify and shape your experience of reality.

Join us next week for Chapter 4 of the Principles of the Law of Attraction where we discuss the power of your mind, and how to command it.

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