Sayed Mia - Annual Diwali Festival

Sayed Mia – Annual Diwali Festival

This week the skies lit up in bright colours with the arrival and celebration of the annual Diwali festival.  Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights, held in the period of October to November. It is particularly associated with Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity , and also marks the fiscal year in India.

Sayed Mia attended a Diwali festival this weekend as a special and honorary guest of the HINDU Co-Ordinating Council.

The Hindu Coordination Counsel or HCC is the backbone of the South African Indian community. South African Indians, are particularly proud of their rich and historical legacy and this counsel seeks to honour their forbears, who preserved not only their languages, but their religion. as well as their rich socio-cultural heritage. Sayed Mia has played a massively important role in the Indian community of South Africa. He has contributed to the education, well being and charitable organisations that assist and aid this community.  He has also been the driving force behind housing and economic growth within the South African Indian community.

At this year’s Diwali festival, Mr Mia addressed an audience of 20 000 people. He had them enthralled with the genuineness and sincerity in which he addressed them. They were honouring him for being an excellent ambassador for all religions,a wonderful statesman and a generous philanthropist.



Diwali1 (Main Image) – Sayed Mia pictured with (to his right) Mr Koki Singh and Navnit Govind and to his left Mr Fakir Hassan and Mrs Urmila Govind.

Syed Mia

Diwali2 – Audience enjoying the sights and sounds of the Diwali celebrations






Syed MiaDiwali 3 – Sayed Mia addressing a crowd of 20 000 people




Syed MiaDiwali 4 – Sayed Mia with colleagues and friends enjoying the Diwali celebrations

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