Forget the Past

The past is over, the future hasn’t happened yet, and all we have is now – the present.  Far too many of us live defined by the choices we made in the past. Every day you wake up is a brand new opportunity to chart a new course, make different choices and get yourself onto the road destined for the life you deserve.



If you want to forget the past and move on, you need to be brave enough to ask yourself the right questions about your past, and how you got there.

Edmund Burke once said that,“Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it.”  He was absolutely right. Our past is there for a reason, to teach you a lesson; and a lesson is only a lesson if we learn from it.

So ask yourself these questions…


What Strengths Define You?

The talents and abilities we use to navigate and provide value to this world define the lives we live and the change we can offer. And by recalling our strengths in the past, we can better recognize our opportunities in the present.


What Are The Weaknesses That Make You Tick?

We all have weaknesses. There is no perfect person. When left, these weaknesses limit our potential for impact and significance. Discover them. Recognize them. And learn to overcome them.


What Gets You Excited?

The greatest joys in life often come when we are in a situation to help others. Ask yourself which causes have lit that spark in you in the past?


Is There A Relationship or a Mentor That Inspires You?.

Over the course of our lives, there are, no doubt, a number of people who have inspired us to become better versions of ourselves. What traits do they have in common? And can you surround yourself with more people like them today?


Have You Learnt Your Signature Style?

We all learn differently. Some are visual learners, some are verbal, some learn best in a group setting, while others learn best alone. Your learning style is as unique to you as your fingerprint. The important thing is to recognize and understand what style suits you best. This life ought to be filled with constant learning… and the sooner we recognize how we learn best, the sooner we’ll begin to grow in it.


What Motivates You To Keep Going?

Motivation is key. It determines the decisions we make, the use of our time, and the words we choose to use. Understanding our deepest motivations is a difficult task. It requires stillness, patience, and consistent self-evaluation. But the more we discover why we do the things we do, the easier it is for us to make the most of the present we are living in today.

So at the end of the day take these words into account and use them as a positive affirmation – Starting today, I need to forget what has gone. Appreciate what still remains, and look forward to what is coming next!

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