Congratulations to Mr Mia’s son, Dr. Reza Mia

We would like to send huge congratulations to Mr Mia’s son, Dr. Reza Mia on his outstanding achievement.


The Minara Chamber of Commerce awarded him The Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, for his stellar and world-class Aesthetic Medical Practice Anti-Aging Art as well as for his vast contributions to the aviation field in the form of the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet Pegasus Universal Aerospace.

For the first time ever, The Minara Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Recognition Awards and Gala Dinner Banquet, the premier event on Minara Business Chamber’s calendar, was held in Johannesburg at the Image Lifestyle Centre on Wednesday, 18th October 2017.


The event was attended by more than 600 dignitaries and captains of commerce and industry as well as by community leaders of all faiths. Newly appointed CEO for Standard Bank, Mr Sim Tshabalala delivered the keynote address at the Business Awards evening. The Awards Evening recognises Muslim enterprises and Institutions that have excelled in business and have achieved exceptional growth, performed well consistently and are considered market leaders in their sector. The awards also recognize individuals who have been outstanding performers and have excelled in their fields of endeavor.

From everyone at the SHM Group of Companies, Congratulations, Reza!


We are so thrilled to introduce you all to a new business series which Mr Mia has been working very hard to put together for you. Over the next few weeks and months you’ll learn a number of empowerment tips that will take your life, both personal and professional, to the next level.


Mr Sayed Mia has always known one truth: that the biggest successes are made of bite sized pieces. Any ‘overnight success’ always appears like it happened literally in five seconds because that is when WE actually became aware of it, yet to the person experiencing the success, it definitely didn’t happen overnight, but it did in fact occur through three very crucial elements.

These three elements, which have been isolated and recognized by Mr Mia are –

*Passion Driven Vision

*Crystal Clear Focus

*One Step of Inspired Action at a Time

So why is it that so many people get held up and stuck in struggle? Simply put, people know what they would love their life to be and that vision, which is exciting to them at first, suddenly becomes overwhelming because it feels too big and unattainable. People get stuck in an overwhelmed state.

That’s why you are at an advantage by joining us on this new journey, because the resources you will have at your fingertips with these well thought out tips and lessons from Mr Mia is the DOOM to slay that overwhelming feeling you have. Mr Mia wants you to use these tips in the way that he lays it out for you in this series, and your life will transform – no ifs and buts about it.


Have any of you heard about the practice of Kai-Zen? Its a method of continuous improvement. Over the next few months with each chapter you read we will continue to break everything down for you, so that you will have the exact tools you need to have continuous, incremental improvement. Why? Because you really can completely transform your life when you improve as little as 1% each day. We  can all commit to 1% right? Yes you can! To do that, you must know the exact things to focus on to achieve success in this series, and that’s what these chapters from Mr Mia are all about.

This isn’t just about achieving goals, this is about all of the stuff that goes on while you’re working towards your goals. Things like negative beliefs, relationships, conflicts, stress, doubt, and desires – are all things that happen to everyone on a daily basis. Your achievement of goals then become the natural by-product when everything comes into alignment.

Here is how we are going to do this series over the coming months so that you can all participate and share your experiences –

  1. Read the first tip when we post it tomorrow
  2. Make it your focus for the next 7 days
  3. On each of the 7 days answer this Power Question: “What 1 thing can I do today to integrate this tip into my life?”
  4. Take ACTION on your answer
  5. After the 7 days, move onto the next tip Mr Mia shares with you
  6. Rinse and Repeat

Its that simple! Once you finish, you can start over again at the beginning because the beauty go this series is that it works and grows with you as you move along on your own journey – and for each person, your journey will be different.

Remember that the tips in this series give you an easy tool to grow 1% a day. Combine that into a year? That is a 365% growth. A total transformation.

Now you know what to do and how easy it is to integrate into your life. You get to decide the time for your extraordinary transformation! Is it going to be NOW?

Mr Mia is here with you every small step of the way. We hope you will join us on this incredible journey!

Let’s go…


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