Nelson Mandela Day

On this, Nelson Mandela Day, we remember the Father of our nation. We give back 67 minutes of our time to others in need – in his memory, to keep his legacy alive. With that signature shuffle, calm demeanor and a smile that endeared him to all; Madiba was beloved by all, he was a giant on the worlds stage. But to South Africans he represented the best of humanity and what we all aspired to be.

Today Mr Mia looks back at the lessons he learned from his friend, Tata Madiba, with quotes and anecdotes, and what we can do going forward to ensure that his legacy is one that lives forever.



“I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons will live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for. But, my lord, if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die”.

Madiba spent the better part of adult life fighting for a free, fair and democratic South Africa. 27 years he spent on Robben Island, and after his release, he carried South Africa through its first democratic election. After his term, he spent the rest of his life tirelessly campaigning for peace and equality.



“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again”.

When all is said and done, when the milestones of your life stretch out before your eyes, it won’t be the successes that define your character. It will, as Madiba said, be the way you responded to failure and never quit.



“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”.

Change can be met with resistance from people who fear it. Or who don’t understand it. There are few things more effective as an impetus for change than knowledge — people can’t fight for something if they don’t understand what they are fighting for. The premise of knowledge and always learning more was something very close to Madiba’s heart and one which he always encouraged.


“It always seems impossible until it’s done”.

We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Mandela’s simple sentiment is a refreshing, much needed reminder. You can do it. Anyone can, as he reminds us: “Everyone can rise above their circumstances and achieve success if they are dedicated to and passionate about what they do.”



“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination”.

Often in today’s society, kindness and compassion are often mistaken for weakness? And that there are smart people who attempt to dumb themselves down so as not to be branded “nerdy” or “brainy?” As Madiba always pointed out, being smart and being kind make a person a force to be reckoned with.



“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite”.

It could have been so easy, and so justified for Madiba to have chosen to become bitter after being imprisoned for nearly three decades. Instead, he rose above the anger to speak out about the healing power of love. He extended his hand to the very people who took half of his life away, and with that became a shining example to humanity that when you love, you live.

Tata Madiba lives on in our hearts forever, and every year when we come together to remember just how much he taught us, it humbles me every time. What will you be doing for your 67 minutes?

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Your greatness lies not in what you have, but in what you give

He is a real angel on earth and he just cares for so many people and their needs. It’s inspiring to see. Today, Mr Sayed Mia sponsored and helped serve meals at Mass Iftaar for the needy and orphans in Remedaan 2018. It took place at the Image Lifestyle Venue in Fordsburg, Johannesburg.

Making a difference in the lives of others is what Mr Mia is always called to do.

Organisers of the event, including Mr Sayed Mia – seated, middle.

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A Touching Story

A very touching story, one we’d like to share with you. Mr Sayed Mia’s son, Dr Ridwan Mia needs no introduction. He is a world renowned plastic surgeon and an angel on this earth. He does what he does not for fame, nor acknowledgement, but because his soul mission on earth is to heal the lives of people who have been affected. He gives hope to every patient he tends to, he treats everyone with care and compassion, and the respect he has garnered in the global medical world is something to be proud of. Dr Ridwan Mia most definitely represents the best of humanity.

From Cure Day Hospitals…

“Our hearts were saddened by the story of this young boy, from Children of Fire, who was a victim of a fire lantern burn when he was an infant. Cure Day Hospital Fourways and Dr Ridwan Mia kindly stepped in to help this child with a slow progress of surgeries that will need to be performed to better his life. His happy spirit bought smiles to everyone’s faces today.

A huge thank you to Dr Ridwan Mia (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon) Dr Ridwan Mia  and Dr Luqmaan Variawa (Anaesthetist) who used their valuable time and skills to help. Cure strives to help those in need and will continue with more projects like this in the future”.

A Touching Story2

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TIBA Fundraiser

The TIBA Fundraiser was held at the Pentarosa School Hall on Saturday 9 September and turned out to be a huge success. The who’s who of Lenasia and surrounding attended this prestigious event and exceptional fundraising goals were met along with a delicious meal and entertainment.

TIBA Fundraiser 1

Mr Sayed Mia was an invited guest and stepped up to the podium to deliver a speech that was so incredibly well received by everyone. 

TIBA Fundraiser 4

TIBA, whose basic mission is the prevention, intervention, rehabilitation and self-empowerment of the blind and visually impaired persons, has been doing sterling work and has expanded its services considerably in recent years.

TIBA Fundraiser 4

Although based in Lenasia, Johannesburg, TIBA’s work extends beyond Lenasia and includes the surrounding informal settlements and regions of Greater Metropolitan Johannesburg. Having outgrown its premises TIBA had to develop new premises in Lenasia in order to cater for the growing demand for its services.

TIBA Fundraiser 5

Photo Credits – LenzInfo 

TIBA Fundraiser 6


Cnr Nirvana Drive & Sastri Close,

Lenasia Ext 13, 1827


TIBA Fundraiser 7

Sanca Nishtara Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation

Mr Sayed Mia was a distinguished speaker, donor and attendee at a fundraising event for Sanca Nishtara Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation. This is an organization very close to Mr Mia’s heart as he helped build it and continues to be very involved in its continued successes. Mr Mia was presented with an appreciation award on the night honouring him for his continued support.

IMG_3107A little more on SANCA NISHTARA. They are a both an NGO, and non-profit organization, and form part of a national umbrella organisation consisting of 31 Alcohol and Drug Help Centres with service points and satellite offices in all 9 provinces of South Africa. They promote the prevention and treatment of alcohol and drug dependence in South Africa. They help to treat children, youth and adults and provide support groups, training and education programmes.

Their national helpline is 0861 472 622 or 0861 4SANCA. Their particular branch is open 24 hours daily and provides care and support for both inpatients and outpatients. They have a social worker who provides counselling and their services are rendered to people of all ages.

Another incredible program that they run is life skills training, HIV awareness, substance abuse awareness and prevention. HIV awareness and prevention programmes for children are run in schools, with their focus being on school initiatives and enlightening children on the dangers of substance abuse.

IMG_3108An incredible place doing remarkable things to help change the lives of so many people!


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If you get, give. if you learn, teach

Maya Angelou always said “If you get, give. if you learn, teach”. The best way that reveals a man’s character is by how much he helps others without wanting anything in return.

If you get, give. if you learn, teach2Over the weekend Mr Mia was given an accolade by the Africa Muslims Agency for his incredible contribution in sponsoring and providing boreholes across this continent. In doing so, he has helped so many struggling families to be able to have access to clean water. Something we all take for granted.

His beautiful wife, Mrs Farida Mia and son Dr Ridwan Mia are pictured below to celebrate this wonderful contribution.

The above quote could not be more true of Mr Sayed Mia. We learn from him! And what a wonderful teacher he is.


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Ultimately, there’s only one genuine authority in your life …YOU!  It is you who must arrive at your decisions. It is you who carries out the actions and activities based on those decisions. It is also you who must live with the rewards and consequences of those choices and actions. So if you’ve been looking for an external authority figure – a guru, mentor or leader to tell you how to best handle your life and make “The Law of Attraction” work for you, you’re looking in the wrong place. That authority you seek answers from is you. Whether you are conscious of it or not, it is you who is in control of your life.

Feeling a little overwhelmed? Don’t fret. Mr Sayed Mia has worked hard on a new series for you based on the Law of Attraction. It’s filled with inspirational lessons that he’s learned over the years and he’s sharing it with you in the hope that you find help in the different chapters of this series so that you too, can accomplish all that you want.

Please join us as we delve into this wonderful new series with Chapter 3 today! We hope you enjoy!

Since we are all connected as a human race and a consciousness, the decisions you make to improve your life will impact the collective – especially those closest to you! In this way, your spiritual practice isn’t entirely a private issue. Your most profound personal and spiritual growth provides a collective benefit to all. This means the opposite is true too. The growth, or lack thereof, of those around you will have an impact on you as well. This principle of connection is important to understand when working consciously with the Law of Attraction.

Let’s understand how we can get our connection in order. A lot of the extreme conflicts on the planet result from the decision to pass on negative personal emotions and harmful, hateful judgements towards others. Any ideas, beliefs and values which mark other humans as evil, unworthy or damaged is toxic. Such notions must be dropped in order to live consciously, and manifest your desires.

Values which are out of alignment with kindness, respect for the free will of others, truth and personal rights will conflict with the highest good and permit the believer to do harm to others. The wellbeing of the whole can’t be protected when the parts choose to fight amongst themselves. Your private spiritual obligation is to ensure that you hold convictions or beliefs that are lined up with the rule of unity. To the degree that you brush off this obligation, you inflict harm to others by showing separateness rather than unity.

You cannot assign this to any other individual. This is a principle you must follow for yourself. In order for your convictions to be lined up with the Law of Attraction, they must be effective. You can use the following 8 qualifiers to ensure your beliefs align with the highest good and therefore, will not interfere with your Law of Attraction.



An effective belief has to be in line with your observation of truth. Your convictions or beliefs can’t negate any facts you understand to be true.



For your thoughts to be compelling, they should together address your whole field of experience if you encounter matters that lie outside your beliefs or convictions about truth, then your belief framework is incomplete, and a fragmented or incomplete belief framework can never be completely trusted.



An effective belief adjusts well to new conditions. It provides fitting guidance regardless of your enjoyment, salary, level , relationship circumstance or lifestyle.



It’s never great to have beliefs that lead you to mischief or harm yourself or other individuals. Such thoughts are based on ignorance and fear. Effective thoughts don’t urge dishonest or violence.



Your beliefs must be internally consistent with each other, or you need to have a clear procedure of resolving things that don’t jive.



You acquire your initial set of beliefs during your early childhood, based on the beliefs of the adults around you. As an aware adult, those beliefs should be reviewed, analysed and then adjusted or eliminated based on your adult beliefs. This is an ongoing process that might take years, if not your entire life.



Your beliefs must empower you with possibility. They should never mark or mislabel what it is you want as possible. If you think something is impossible for you, then so it will be. This is a foundational truth of the Law of Attraction. That which you believe is what you will continue.

What have we learned from all of the above? It’s simple.

Take time to set down a couple of your present beliefs about reality. What do you trust to be genuine about your wellbeing, kinships, monetary resources, spirituality, career etc? Next, take a look at the criteria above to see how your own beliefs measure up. If you don’t like what you see, then its time to change your beliefs.

As you review your beliefs about the areas of your life that you want to improve, you can expect to uncover false beliefs that are holding you back. Remember to keep in mind that your beliefs are not just perceptions of reality, but they also specify and shape your experience of reality.

Join us next week for Chapter 4 of the Principles of the Law of Attraction where we discuss the power of your mind, and how to command it.

To celebrate Mr Sayed Mia’s 70th Birthday

To celebrate Mr Sayed Mia’s 70th Birthday, we are taking you on a journey of 7 decades of his astonishing accomplishments and incredible philanthropy throughout the month of March!




Sayed Mia started his career as an esteemed and well respected teacher in his early years.


He is the sponsor of the “Time To Learn Project”. This project, very near and dear to Mr Mia’s heart, was founded by him in the early 1070’s. The basis for the project enabled homework help and extra special tuition to be given to students of Grayville and Tomsville whose families had no light or efficient amenities at home in order for them to do their schoolwork. This entire project was founded and sponsored solely from Mr Mia’s then teachers salary.


Now that’s not only a man with a big heart, but a kind one.

7 decades of his astonishing accomplishments and incredible philanthropy

To celebrate Mr Sayed Mia’s Birthday week, we are taking you on a journey of 7 decades of his astonishing accomplishments and incredible philanthropy.




Sayed Mia has been a sponsor for SMILE WEEK for the Smile Foundation for many yard no and has helped to change the lives of so many children born with different types of facial abnormality such as cleft lip, and palate  burn victims. During SMILE WEEK these courageous children receive free plastic and reconstructive surgery within South Africa, offering them both pre and postoperative care.


Who are the The Smile Foundation?


The Smile Foundation, formed in 2000, is the culmination of one child’s incredible story that prompted its chief patron, Mr Nelson Mandela


IMG_5662The Smile Foundation, formed in 2000, is the culmination of one child’s incredible story that prompted its chief patron, Mr Nelson Mandela to ensure that his passion for the health and well being of all children in South Africa could be realised. Thando Manyathi, a little girl at the time, was facing great obstacles and was suffering from a rare medical condition causing facial nerve paralysis, also known as Moebius Syndrome. Thando’s mother Thabile wrote letters to Mr Mandela relentlessly asking for help for her child to be able to go overseas to have a specialised surgery which in turn would give her quality of life back. Mr Mandela, as we all came to know, read these letters and without a second thought he made the call. The Lubner family became inspired by Thando’s story of survival, and they in turn started to think that if Thando needed help, how many other children in South Africa were living with these kinds of medical deformities and painful ailments. To send one child overseas had no sustainability, because of all the others they were leaving behind. So why not bring the medical skills to South Africa? And so the Smile Foundation was born.


The Smile Foundation today is a world renowned NGO that aids children with any type of facial abnormality such as cleft lip, and palate, burn victims, facial paralysis and other conditions such as ear and nose deformities, facial growths and craniofacial conditions. They receive free plastic and reconstructive surgery within South Africa with pre and post operative care. Due to the vision and belief of Mr Mandela, children who for so long have to had to endure so much suffering can now smile freely. The Smile Foundation has to date put the smiles back on the faces of over 1 400 children, and counting.


For more information on The Smile Foundation,

please visit

Find The Smile Foundation on Facebook

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Sayed Mia – Retired Teachers Association

IMG_0903Sayed Mia attended the Retired Teachers Association in Lenasia this past week. If you didn’t know it, in the early 1970’s Sayed Mia was an Afrikaans teacher. In those dark days of apartheid, he was one of a handful of teachers to have a university degree in the Indian community. Having obtained his teacher’s diploma in 1968 from the University of Durban, he loved to impart knowledge and learning to the children around him in his classroom and his community. Even going as far in the early 1970’s to sponsor the ‘Time to Learn’ project – a part time homework and study group which Mr Mia sponsored solely off his teachers salary to aid students who had no electricity or facilities at home.

IMG_0901At the event, Sayed Mia gave an inspirational speech and was well received and pictured with and by The Retired Teachers Association Social Club. He imparted some wonderful lessons on all who attended by reminding them to “always be strong and not to let anyone disturb their peace”.  He went on to reiterate that optimism should be made a priority goal in your every day life.

To supplement his income as a teacher, Sayed set off on his first trailblazing adventure. He started out in the insurance industry as a part time broker and by the mid 1970’s had excelled to such an extent that was able to secure his own brokerage firm in the socially underdeveloped Lenasia, at that time. Sayed Mia told the audience that “one should always strive towards excellence and express enthusiasm in everything you do”.

Even with the major milestones and achievements he has experienced since his teaching days, the importance of education has always remained at the forefront of Sayed Mia’s mind. This ideal made this event a very special one as Mr Mia was given an incredibly special honour by being made a patron of the Retired Teachers Association. It’s like he says “always let your friends know that there is something worthwhile in each of them”.