A Special Message

A special message we received for Mr Mia that we were so touched . If you have any stories of a message you would like to share, please email mandi@ravereview.co.za …..

Mr Sayed Mia, you might not remember me and my late husband who was a police officer stationed at Lenasia 34 year’s ago you and your company Golden Houses part of the SHM group made our dreams come true of becoming proud homeowners of our dream home and we got the best people to deal with Gaf, and Liyakat made all this possible. 

So many people might not know this but you have been doing some amazing work for the community for a very long time.  And today I am truly blessed because I’m still in the same home and that’s all thanks to Your group of companies. 

I have a beautiful place called home because of you. My wish is that you continue to grow from strength to strength and achieve all your goals, God riches blessings upon you and your family.

Thanks once again.

Diane Matadin 

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