A Touching Story

A very touching story, one we’d like to share with you. Mr Sayed Mia’s son, Dr Ridwan Mia needs no introduction. He is a world renowned plastic surgeon and an angel on this earth. He does what he does not for fame, nor acknowledgement, but because his soul mission on earth is to heal the lives of people who have been affected. He gives hope to every patient he tends to, he treats everyone with care and compassion, and the respect he has garnered in the global medical world is something to be proud of. Dr Ridwan Mia most definitely represents the best of humanity.

From Cure Day Hospitals…

“Our hearts were saddened by the story of this young boy, from Children of Fire, who was a victim of a fire lantern burn when he was an infant. Cure Day Hospital Fourways and Dr Ridwan Mia kindly stepped in to help this child with a slow progress of surgeries that will need to be performed to better his life. His happy spirit bought smiles to everyone’s faces today.

A huge thank you to Dr Ridwan Mia (Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon) Dr Ridwan Mia  and Dr Luqmaan Variawa (Anaesthetist) who used their valuable time and skills to help. Cure strives to help those in need and will continue with more projects like this in the future”.

A Touching Story2

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Mr S H Mia, The SHM Group of Companies and the entire Mia will would like to congratulate Mr Cyril Ramaphosa on his election as President of South Africa.

President Ramaphosa has ignited a spark of hope and optimism in the hearts of all South Africans. Mr Sayed Mia has enjoyed a wonderful friendship with President Ramaphosa over the years and welcomes his appointment with much pride and excitement for the future of South Africa. With his vast business knowledge, acumen and talents in so many fields, he is the right man for the job.Mr Sayed Mia was instrumental in launching the Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, donating the land for it, and President Ramaphosa was guest of honour at the groundbreaking for it. Mr Mia looks forward to seeing what the newly elected President actions on and wishes him much love and luck on this new chapter of his political career.

As Mr Mia points out, “One must remember that President Ramaphosa was a top and successful businessman, and negotiator for former President Nelson Mandela, long before he was a politician. This will stand him in good stead”.

President Ramaphosa is a man who speaks with eloquence, sincerity and humility. His voice is indomitably genuine. He is sound and knowledgeable. May he lead with courage and great conviction, and may his Presidency bring great strength back to our beautiful Rainbow Nation – one that we are sure, Tata Madiba is smiling down on today.

Press Release issued on behalf of S H Mia by Mandi Strimling.

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Self Image and Success

Branding matters, and that rings true for both companies and individuals.  The way you present yourself has a profound impact on your career. And it’s not just your body language or how you dress, the Internet has presented folks with countless new ways to bolster their personal brand — or completely ruin it. The art of presenting yourself is called Image Management. This is what Mr Mia would like to share with you all today.

Its an inevitable truth that people judge you in a matter of seconds and based on this, first impressions decide everything about how you are seen. So the question beckons – How you can you create a powerful first impression, one that leaves a lasting impact?

A wining image is fundamental to the success in your personal and professional life. You are a package, presenting yourself to the world, family, friends and potential clients, or employers. It’s another known fact that when we look good, we don’t only feel better about ourselves, but we makes those who associate with us feel good as well. It is a massive confidence booster, and in the business world, it will help you to make a lasting and positive impression on a potential employer – and your image can do the job for you!

Image, influences public perception. It does so in a way that influences other peoples perceptions of not just how trustworthy you are, but it also gives an insight into your knowledge and intelligence. A great first impression is vital, and opens the door for moving any relationship forward. Your image reflects who you are – inside and out; it reveals your personality traits, interests, skills and abilities as well as what makes you intrinsically unique.

If your personal image doesn’t truthfully represent your professional brand, people will not want to hire you, buy your product or do business with you. This reflects the same way in the setting of a corporate organisation. The organisation’s image is reflected by their employees, and this influences how clients, future prospects and business partners perceive it. Great customer service can make or break a business, and its image.

With Image Management, you can master not only the art of expression, but your confidence and self esteem as well. This skill of managing one’s image becomes a way of life. It allows you to project credibility, capability, trustworthiness and productivity.

Everyone is familiar with the time-old saying that: “You are what you eat”, but it’s also good to heed this one: “You are what you wear”. There is only one YOU in this world, so go out there and make the first impression an exceptional one!