SANCA NISHTARA’s Bollywood Fundraising Show!

The SHM Group of Companies and Sayed H Mia brings you a night to remember for an incredible cause. Featuring superstar Indian Artists, this 5 star Bollywood Musical showstopper is not to be missed.

An evening of fantastic Bollywood entertainment awaits you. Be transported through song by the world famous Baba Sohel Orchestra and sensational singers of golden oldies, classics and new songs all the way from India!

Please go out and get your tickets and support this wonderful fundraiser. It’s sole purpose is to support the efforts of SANCA NISHTARA to assist those who cannot afford rehabilitation treatment.

Support SHM / SANCA NISHTARA’s Bollywood Fundraising Show! Powered by Lenasia Times and Lenz FM 93.6.

  • DATE- Sat 28 Oct 2017
  • TIME – 7PM
  • VENUE –  Gandhi Hall, EXT 5, Lenasia
  • TICKETS – R130.

All ticket sales go directly to aid drug and alcohol rehabilitation

Congratulations to Mr Mia’s son, Dr. Reza Mia

We would like to send huge congratulations to Mr Mia’s son, Dr. Reza Mia on his outstanding achievement.


The Minara Chamber of Commerce awarded him The Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, for his stellar and world-class Aesthetic Medical Practice Anti-Aging Art as well as for his vast contributions to the aviation field in the form of the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet Pegasus Universal Aerospace.

For the first time ever, The Minara Chamber of Commerce Annual Business Recognition Awards and Gala Dinner Banquet, the premier event on Minara Business Chamber’s calendar, was held in Johannesburg at the Image Lifestyle Centre on Wednesday, 18th October 2017.


The event was attended by more than 600 dignitaries and captains of commerce and industry as well as by community leaders of all faiths. Newly appointed CEO for Standard Bank, Mr Sim Tshabalala delivered the keynote address at the Business Awards evening. The Awards Evening recognises Muslim enterprises and Institutions that have excelled in business and have achieved exceptional growth, performed well consistently and are considered market leaders in their sector. The awards also recognize individuals who have been outstanding performers and have excelled in their fields of endeavor.

From everyone at the SHM Group of Companies, Congratulations, Reza!


A historical perspective from both sides of the aisle was given at the AGM of SANCA Nishtara held at its premises in Lenasia, mid September. The debate at hand – to legalize cannabis or not.

The debate over legalizing the use of cannabis for medicinal and religious uses has been going on for years. The AGM allowed doctors as well as members of the community to make their voices heard. Dr Ebrahim Bawa, a doctor at Nishtara with many years of experience in substance abuse issues gave an educated and knowledgeable point of view, while Nishtara Director, Shahida Kazie stated that the organization had not yet taken a final position on the debate around the issue yet.

In attendance at the AGM was Serkan Ergul, director for Gift of Hope, a Turkish Humanitarian organization, as well as Mr Sayed Mia – benefactor of Nishtara. Mr Mia remarked after the meeting that he was “impressed with the extent of the work being done there and would be reporting to his Board about the possibility of providing much needed assistance to Nishtara”.


Having everything on your wishlist is really not out of your reach.

You may feel like it is. You may even feel as if you work so hard, but your income never exceeds your expenses enough to build up any savings. You may also feel like every time you get ahead, something comes up and wipes out all the results you’ve gotten so far. You may feel like earning a lot of money is a huge mystery you haven’t figured out yet.

Mr Sayed Mia knows all of this and more. He has asked those same questions, but he has managed to stay the course and create the destiny of his choosing. He wants to pass his knowledge onto you so that you can live your best life as well.

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Join us in our next post where we delve deeper into the concept of valuing yourself first…….


The TIBA Fundraiser was held at the Pentarosa School Hall on Saturday 9 September and turned out to be a huge success. The who’s who of Lenasia and surrounding attended this prestigious event and exceptional fundraising goals were met along with a delicious meal and entertainment.

Guest speaker, businessman and philanthropist, Mr Sayed Mia, was one of the high profile people in attendance and stepped up to the podium to deliver his address, one that was so incredibly well received by everyone. Mr Mia recounted in the most heartfelt way how his “heart was still in Lenasia” although he no longer lived there. That has not stopped him from spending the last several decades dedicated to supporting education, sport, religious and community organizations. He went on to say that he had “enough experience in Lenasia to know what Lenasia was like”, when he arrived in the early 1970’s when he made his mark as a very popular, yet humble school teacher. It overjoys him to see how it has developed over the years.

On Mr Mia’s years as a teacher, he was fervent when saying to the crowd that “The same skills and empathy developed as a teacher for ten years were the same skills that I needed to understand and build in the business and social community at large”.  Speaking about the association and emotional connection he has with the poorer area of Thomsville, an area where he successfully initiated with others for extra tuition for children from very poor families and backgrounds, living in desperate conditions – some without electricity – is still very close to his heart.



Having gone on to become a giant and mogul in the insurance and property area nationally, Mr Mia also acknowledged the contributions of many others, private citizens as well as organizations in diverse fields such as education, housing, social welfare, sport and health. He went on to state that this “has all led to the community being the thriving one that it is today”.

TIBA, whose basic mission is the prevention, intervention, rehabilitation and self-empowerment of the blind and visually impaired persons, has been doing sterling work and has expanded its services considerably in recent years.

Although based in Lenasia, Johannesburg, TIBA’s work extends beyond Lenasia and includes the surrounding informal settlements and regions of Greater Metropolitan Johannesburg. Having outgrown its premises TIBA had to develop new premises in Lenasia in order to cater for the growing demand for its services.




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