Project Distinction Awards

Project Distinction Awards4Mr Sayed Mia shared an incredible special moment with his sons, Dr Ridwan Mia and Dr. Reza Mia, on the occasion of yet another successful Project Distinction Awards ceremony, organized annually by Dr Ridwan Mia.

This year’s event proved most special and honoured the hard work and excellence of so many deserving students. Congratulations to the top 10 learners of each of the 15 schools part of the project as well the recipients of the bursaries.

Project Distinction Awards2This was Dr Reza Mia’s first year on board, as well as being a key note speaker, while Dr Ridwan Mia gave a speech that enthralled and motivated every student in the room, enabling them to dream and believe that everything they want to achieve in life is not only attainable but possible with hard work and passion.

Mr Sayed Mia, a very proud father on the night,  who is a major donor to this very special cause was able to attend and received an award for service to this most awesome project, and to also be able to see how much power this annual event holds!

Congratulations to the Mia Family for making this possible, and to all the students of distinction – may 2017 unleash every possibility that life holds for you, and may you have the courage to seize it!

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If you get, give. if you learn, teach

Maya Angelou always said “If you get, give. if you learn, teach”. The best way that reveals a man’s character is by how much he helps others without wanting anything in return.

If you get, give. if you learn, teach2Over the weekend Mr Mia was given an accolade by the Africa Muslims Agency for his incredible contribution in sponsoring and providing boreholes across this continent. In doing so, he has helped so many struggling families to be able to have access to clean water. Something we all take for granted.

His beautiful wife, Mrs Farida Mia and son Dr Ridwan Mia are pictured below to celebrate this wonderful contribution.

The above quote could not be more true of Mr Sayed Mia. We learn from him! And what a wonderful teacher he is.


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