Expert Mavericks

This week was a very special one for a very special family. The entire Mia family attended the book launch this week for the highly anticipated and now highly acclaimed Amazon best seller, “Expert Mavericks”.



The book, written by Laughter & Happiness Professor Shareen Richter, who also happens to be a Smile Ambassador, teamed up with Smile Foundation to bring stories of successful Maverick’s journeys from struggle to success in this ground breaking new book series.

What made this occasion all the more special for the Mia family was that world renowned surgeon Dr Ridwan Mia, son of Mr Sayed Mia, was one of the Mavericks featured and profiled in this book.  The book features 12 diverse, successful people from South Africa, who have done what sometimes seemed like the impossible, but made it possible. The book showcases their stories so others can learn, grow and achieve for themselves. The Expert Mavericks book also empowers others on their own journeys through life and shares the fact that most often, the most meaningful lessons are learned from each other.

Some of the other Expert Maverick’s included in the book are Craig Wing, Carla Da Silva, Janine Hills, Shaheed Joosub, Alex Granger, and Anthony Goodman.


Please enjoy some photos from the launch…








To find out more about the Expert Mavericks book, contact Shareen Richter at

Expert Mavericks details for R300 and is available at all leading bookstores nationwide and is also available in America as well as on in both print and e-book formats.



Sayed Mia welcoming Prime Minister Modi of India to South Africa, on his official visit.

South Africa’s deep and revered bond with India was celebrated on the 8th July when the Prime Minister of India, Shri Narendra Modi, visited South Africa.


IMG_9482Prime Minister Modi arrives at the grand reception to great applause and excitement


Me Sayed Mia formed part of the SAWelcomesModi organizing committee who took charge of bringing together individuals from the 1.3 million-strong Indian community in South Africa as well as the broader South African family.


IMG_9479Mr Sayed Mia attending the grand reception as part of the SAWelcomesModi organizing committee


IMG_9480Sayed Mia pictured with esteemed colleagues at the grand reception


The event showcased the best very best of Indian and South Africa talent. The extravagant  event was full of lights, music, dancing and song, and was definitely a glorious celebration. It was held at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg. Tickets for this fabulous event was free for everyone who registered, allowing many families the opportunity of hearing the Prime Minister speak during his key note address. Prime Minister Modi  is a highly respected man; well known for his leadership and opinions on making the world a better place.


IMG_9481Mr Sayed Mia, part of the SAWelcomesModi organizing committee being interviewed


Spain was the perfect destination in June this year to host the gala celebrations for the International Indian Film Academy. IIFA has visited London and Yorkshire previously and made its third foray into Europe this year. The IIFA event  played host to some of the most celebrated stars of the Indian film industry, notable guests, and dignitaries from India and the region, world media and Indian cinema fans from across the globe. IIFA 2016 and Madrid together presented a breathtaking amalgamation of two richly diverse countries and cultures. Their aim has always been to bring the magic of Indian Cinema not only to Spain, but to the rest of the world. Latin America as well.




Shalandra Bunseelall had the most incredible experience and is seen pictured here at IIFA 2016 in Spain with Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover. He wishes to thank the SHM Group and Mr Sayed Mia for the wonderful opportunity.


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The SAwelcomesModi Organising Committee was officially launched at an event held at the SWAD Restaurant in Killarney Mall. This committee has been formed with the intention of welcoming the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi to a community event during his upcoming official state visit to South Africa this month.


Paying tribute to the deep ties between India and South Africa, this organising committee will seek to continue to promote South Africa-India relations for communities by communities and therefore shining a spotlight on the monumental contributions made by members of the Indian diaspora in all areas.




The honourable Prime Minister Modi during his official state visit, will address a community reception on the 8 July 2016.

Spearheading the committee are prominent business and community leaders Chairperson Mr Raman Dhawan, businessman Mr Akhtar Thokan, Mr Mukesh Patel from the Shree Baps Swaminarayan Mandir and Mr Sayed Mia of the SHM Group of Companies.




Prime Minister Modi will be welcomed to South Africa with the traditional welcome of “Siyakwamukela Modi” which reflects the warmth and embrace the SA’s diverse community.

South Africa’s deep and revered bond with India spans over five generations where iconic figures like Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela gave birth to new ideals of freedom and democracy.

Prime Minister Modi has achieved great respect and esteem and is revered for his exemplary reputation of being a dynamic statesman who is steering a revolutionary change in India’s economic and social trajectory.


The SAwelcomesModi reception promises to be a memorable occasion and registration is free to attend. This event will see the who’s who of the community attending. The event also guarantees  to be a glitzy affaire with a fabulous selection of entertainment, handpicked specially for the Prime Minister’s welcome to South Africa.




Visit now to secure your seats at this event to be held at the Ticketpro Dome in Johannesburg on the 8th July, 2016



Photo Credits – Lenzinfo’s Fareed-ud-Deen