Dream Killers

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer.”

Do you have a dream, a vision, a goal? Are you on your way to achieving it? If you are, congratulations, because you’re on your way to achieving what you want. Life is a journey, and the people you meet along the way will either lift you up or knock you down. You need to be completely aware of the people in your life who champion both your successes and are there for you during your learning curves, or failures. The other people you need to be on the look out for are people we like to refer to as dream killers. Dream killers, believe it or not, usually come from within your family and friends circle. Sad, but true.


Learn about Dream Killers – how to spot them and how to avoid them!




Dream killers are always out to push you down; they’ll tell you that you aren’t good enough, that your aspirations are silly or unachievable and will go to extremes to make you doubt yourself and your abilities. These people use words and/or actions to discourage or keep you from moving forward.


So how do you recognise a dream killer and how do you block your ears to their unnecessary noise?  There are the Pessimists. These people NEVER see the glass half full, and always see the negative in every situation. They will analyse your goals and then meticulously tell you how it won’t work out.  They’ll belittle you, make you feel uncomfortable and encourage a vote of no confidence. Then we have the Keepers of the Key. These types of dream killers are the ones basically barricading themselves at the door of your opportunity, withholding the key to your happiness. These people can be quite successful at their professions, and the very thought that you may be superior to them makes them feel inferior, and in turn, makes them feel threatened that you may achieve more than them.

Be aware of the over cautious people in your life. These people care so much that they won’t want you to take a risk and move forward in life. Not because they are mean but because they are afraid to take chances in their own lives. They’ll give you all the reasons why not to do something, in the kindest way possible. The Non-Believers are people who just don’t believe in you or your abilities full stop. They don’t wish you well in any way, shape or form and are the worst dream killers out there. They feel threatened by you, they’ll openly belittle you, they’ll beat you down so badly that you won’t know what hit you. Get rid of these people in your life.




So what can you do with the above groups of Dream Killers? It’s easy. Don’t listen. If you have a burning desire to do something, do it. Stay the course, tune them out, change the channel and walk away. At the end of the day, you know your ability, your potential and your dreams are always at the end of the day, within your grasp.


With dream killers and self doubt in mind, we had to share the video below with you. It will inspire you to aspire for everything you have ever wanted, and at the end of it, you’ll known the difference between a supporter and a hater or dream killer. Remember, you have the power to do anything.


“Do not let dream killers dim your vision and steal your joy”


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Sayed Mia strongly believes in the mantra that we are all the makers of our own dreams, miracles and successes – be it in your personal or business life. Last week we introduced you to the Foreword of Mr Mia’s Miracle Maker series; full of lessons and tips of being your own miracle maker in your life.  We hope you will join us on this 7 part journey, which Mr Mia has worked hard on and is proud to share with you. Please enjoy today’s feature where we present you with Chapter 1 – Discovering Your Source of True Happiness.


When it all comes down to it; what are we all looking for? We all want and desire the same thing. Happiness. We just want to be happy.

The problem that often occurs on the road to being happy is that we have put so many internal rules on ourselves for what it takes to be happy, that are usually completely unreasonable and unreachable. This results in us feeling lost and alone.

It’s a sad state at times that for so many people, happiness for most us does not last. Life turns into a game of survival instead of being the wonderful carefree experience it was meant to be all along.

We have to ask ourselves the question – Why are so many people unhappy?

* Perhaps many of us have seen the struggles our parents had to endure just to make ends meet, so that’s the only model we know to emulate…

* Government spending time and effort telling you how to think and what to believe…

*Maybe the social pressure of the general public and peer pressure dictate what leads people to think and feel…?

Know this. People are not machines. We have feelings, emotions, ambitions, hopes and wishes. Unfortunately, present day doesn’t see it that way. Furthermore we as a species have made the big mistake of following the concept of survival of the fittest.

We posses much more in mind than mere animals, even though we can be trained like Pavlov’s dogs. Most of the time we never even asked to be trained. It all comes down to conditioning from the sources mentioned above.

This outdated and biased way of thinking has created a society of ego-maniacs who are so power hungry that they care about nothing but their own self interests. Materialism is rife in this type of society. Think about it. These people have tons of “stuff” collecting dust, because they think that the more things they have, the happier and more powerful they will feel. But take a good look around, and tell me what you see? I see that people are more unhappy and disillusioned than ever. The toys didn’t bring happiness; neither did the iPads, iPhones and fast cars. When these “things’ don’t bring happiness, people turn to other things like emotional over-eating, drinking or drug usage, And why? Just to fill the void that we all desperately want fulfilled.

Look around at how many people we have loved who seemed to have had it all…Robin Williams comes to mind, and there are so many others who never found happiness and paid the ultimate sacrifice.

In a nutshell, all these famous people. and regular people like us, we all seem to have forgotten the simplest lesson in life. That lesson is that happiness comes from within. For many, this is a hard pill to swallow because it means take responsibility for your happiness which not many people are willing to do. This stems once again from the conditioning that over the years has taught you that you have no control.

That statement is unconditionally and explicably FALSE.

Everything you have in your life right now, you have in some way manifested with your very own thoughts. Especially the thoughts you dwell on for extended periods of time. Look at the belongings you own.Your car. your home, clothes, even your very own image in the mirror.

Every thought you’ve ever had and every decision you’ve ever made has brought you to where you are now, whether you like it or not. So if you’re constantly stressing over finances and bills, your job, or even a relationship – if that’s all you’re dwelling on, you’re sure to experience more of the same until you change the thoughts you allow to occupy your mind.

Most people reading this must be thinking easier said than done. How do I just change my thought process and take control? It’s easier than you think. When you take control your world changes almost instantly. When you’re in tune you vibrate with the abundance the universe has to offer. If you’re not in tune, thats when problems can arise. Be conscious of the fact that you control your thoughts, and when you do so, you control your life. When you do not,  you are allowing life to control you at random. it all comes down to choice. Either way, you are always manifesting, so you might as well control it and manifest what you want instead of what you don’t want. Because if you don’t want to be the one in control of your own thoughts, there are plenty of people out there more than willing to do that for you.

Be prepared and aware of the fact that manifestation has an ebb and flow to it. Sometimes you want to be sending your thoughts and vibrations into the universe, and other times you want to receive. Let yourself become truly open to receiving the gifts that the universe has waiting for you. Again – be conscious of your thoughts, because they are everything .

Being in a state of happiness is nothing more than an expression of your most true and authentic self. When you allow yourself to become your true self, life becomes the blessing it was meant to be.

We hope that you’re on your way to finding the key to your own happiness! Please join us next month as we delve into the subject of finding your hidden talents and gifts from the universe.




They say that you are what you eat. Well even more so, you are what you THINK. All the chatter between your ears is constantly shaping your life and the good news is that YOU are in control. You are the one creating the affirmations circling around your mind and entering your subconscious, and it directs every aspect of your life experience based on your beliefs.


Sayed Mia strongly believes in the mantra that we are all the makers of our own dreams, miracles and successes – be it in your personal or business life. In this forward we will be introducing you to Mr Mia’s stunning 7 part series of being your own miracle maker.


When it comes to beliefs, sometimes those beliefs are not serving your higher purpose, and most times we don’t even realise it. That’s why it’s important to realise that your beliefs are nothing more than habitual ways of thinking based on your values and perception. Plus, most of your beliefs are formed in childhood; your parents, experiences, and cultural conditioning.


What happens though is as adults, we many times have plenty mind consuming beliefs that might not be true, and that definitely do not serve our higher purpose. Our brains are still hard wired with certain “programs” of behaviour that are based on our beliefs and the thoughts WE ALLOW to enter our minds.


Back in the caveman days of being a hunter, or gatherer, we relied mostly on our primal instinct. Fight or flight responses were essential to our survival. However in the new generation, these modern and enlightening times we’re living in, those primal instincts don’t always best serve us.


Taking a good look a what beliefs serve us and which ones do not is critical to live a successful and extraordinary life. And the best part? It’s much easier to achieve than you think!


We hope you will join us on this 7 part journey, which Mr Mia has worked hard on and is proud to share with you. Please enjoy this foreword as a sample of what you can expect next week when we present you with Chapter 1 – Discovering Your Source of True Happiness.