How to get What you Want.

He’s done it. He’s achieved it. And now, he’s sharing his lessons with you! Please enjoy a few tips from Mr Mia on how to be successful and getting what you want, even when it seems impossible:

  1. Thinking more is your key to personal prosperity and enjoyment
  2. Decide now to go for your own Utopia and enjoy the best this life offers ☄✨☀️✈️⛵️
  3. Write your own obituary. See where the status quo will take you
  4. Decide to scale up, not scale down
  5. Solve budget problems by discovering how to earn more, not cut back


Avoid Dream Destroyers at all costs. Remember, that many people won’t want to see you succeed and it’s easier for them to discount your hopes and disparage your dreams. They’ll usually say things like:

  1. You don’t have enough education
  2. You lack capital
  3. You’ve got to be “realistic”
  4. The field is overcrowded ‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍
  5. You don’t have the time⏰⏰⏰
  6. The economy is bad


Seek out Dream Builders instead. Surround yourself with their intelligence and support; learn from them and ask for advice.


Use these five keys for creative dreaming:

  1. Know who you are, where you want to go and learn how to get where you want to go
  2. Dream in specifics, not generalities
  3. Set a deadline for dream fulfillment  
  4. Visualize the dream as already attained
  5. Make a total commitment to your dream


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The perfect Business Card



It’s happened to all of us at some stage in our professional careers – the art of perfecting your business card. Think of it as your own unique way of summing up all that you are and represent on one square piece of cardboard.  Your business card is often a potential customer’s first contact with your company; so you want to make sure that you engage with them positively as well as encourage them to want to know more about you, your company and what service you provide. How to achieve this?  A well-designed, thought out but simple to understand card.


Follow Sayed Mia’s tips below to create your own brand of distinction; professional business cards that make an impact and leave a lasting impression.



The first thing to consider when designing your business card is the information you want it to reflect. Make sure your name, job title and company name or logo are clearly displayed. Think carefully about which contact details to include. It’s important to get the right balance of information on there without making your card look cluttered. Your website, email address and mobile number are essential.



Remember that a business card should be clear, precise and easy to read, so pay attention to the size of the text. Small text can often look readable onscreen at the printers, but turns into an illegible nightmare when printed. Also, don’t forget about the font itself: keep it professional and simple, thus making it easy for potential clients and networkers to read.



Another way of saving space is to create a QR Code for your card. They provide a neat way of including a lot of information on a business card, without making it look cluttered. It’s also an easy way to create a link between your printed and online content – by scanning the code, people can automatically be sent to your website. There are plenty of free QR code generators on the web, so getting technological doesn’t have to break the bank.



Bright colours  can make a business card stand out, and look distinctive. This tactic is often used by design and creative businesses, with the aim of appearing fresh, exciting and original. However, don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. A plain black and white design can be as memorable and striking as a colourful card – and can often be seen as more ‘stylish’ too.



It’s wise to keep your business cards in line with the rest of your company’s branding. If you have company colours, use them. Be careful to choose complementary colours – clashing colours can look tacky and unprofessional on a business card. If in doubt, speak to your designer about using an online colour matching tool.



Pictures speak louder than words. This is also very true for business cards. While you need to have written content on one side of the card, think about saving the other for something more visual. Perhaps you could use the space to display an image of your product, or something related to your business. Or, put your company logo on the back of the card. Whatever you do, don’t leave it blank – it’s often claimed that people don’t look at the back of business cards, but that’s simply not true. I always flip a business card over the second I get one, so make it impactful.



Sayed Mia is an inspirational man with an equally inspirational story. He was driven to succeed from the start and even impacted young minds as a teacher in his early adult years. With his business savvy he has created a globally recognized and successful business all the while remaining dedicated to his family and living for them. An inspirational businessman man such as Sayed Mia has seen it all, and with that comes great lessons. He likes to say that “the greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind”


Please enjoy some of Sayed Mia’s most trusted life lessons so that you may put them into effect in your own life and create the life you’ve always wanted to live.


  1. When your attitude is right, we realise that we are all walking on acres of diamonds. You just have to have the gumption to go and find them. So many people sit on the sidelines of their lives knowing that they have greatness in them but are afraid to take the first step.

Opportunities are always under our feet. We don’t have to go anywhere.

  1. When we don’t know how to recognize opportunity, it could slap us on our face and we would still not be able to recognize it. This is perhaps the greatest mistake of all. Keep your eyes open, look for the signs and know your worth. Once we you do that, then all we need to do is learn to recognize opportunities.
  1. People, who don’t know how to recognize opportunities, complain of noise when they knock. Like the lesson above its important to keep those eyes open and mindful of the potential gifts around you.
  1. Lost opportunities are easier recognized when they are leaving rather than when they are coming. Never live life with a feeling of regret and missed opportunities.
  1. An opportunity only knocks once. The next one may be better or worse, but never the same one. That is why it is so crucial to make the right decision at the right time. A right decision at the wrong time becomes a wrong decision.
  1. The grass on the other side always looks greener. There are  two dimensions to the greener grass: a. It may be possible that the other farmer is taking better care of his grass and it is actually greener. B. Most of the time, however , it is only an illusion. Many times in life, while chasing an illusion, we lose out the opportunity right under our feet.
  1.   While we are eyeing the grass on the other side, there are others who are eyeing the grass on our side. They would be happy to trade places with us.