Sayed Mia recently celebrated a wonderful milestone; his 70th Birthday.

Sayed Mia recently celebrated a wonderful milestone; his 70th Birthday. Not only did family and friends come together to commemorate this special occasion, but it was just that much sweeter because Mr Mia got to combine his birthday celebrations with his son, Dr Ridwan Mia, on his 40th Birthday.


The festivities took place on March 12th at the Wanderers Ballroom in Johannesburg, and it was definitely an event to remember. Please enjoy some photo’s from this auspicious occasion.

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Do you want to be a successful investor?

Are you a trader or investor? Does the art of investing come naturally to you, or do you have the desire to learn all you can from the people have done it before you? Have you ever wished you were an investment whiz kid like Warren Buffett or Peter; and would you give everything just to become successful as these men?


Sayed Mia has mastered the art of business. He not only understands the special characteristics which highly successful investors should and do possess, but he delights in sharing his secret recipe for investing. In the lessons and tips below, Sayed Mia explains to you in detail the basic characteristics possessed by every successful investor.





investor 1Owning your own business and being captain of your ship so to speak is the first key to being a great investor. You’ve heard the catchphrase, “if you don’t go out and make things happen, you’ll probably end up working for someone who did’?. The truth is that the majority of employees will never be able to achieve the financial and personal freedom that comes from running your own business. This is why approximately 80% of successful people with a high net worth have always mainly earned their keep in a business of their own.




handshake isolated on business background

You are who you surround yourself with. If we think about country clubs, film festivals, business symposiums, and even charity events – what do we almost always attribute them with? Networking.

Successful people maintain their level of networking and relationships by surrounding themselves with the same people. This is not only an incredible mindset to have, but it allows you to experience many wonderful and new opportunities.




investor 3This tip isn’t much of a secret, but its sometimes forgotten and is the foundation for a successful investor. There is always much fuss made about the correlation between successful people and their opportunities to invest in offshore strategies. But there really shouldn’t be an issue. If your’e an international businessman, then living an international lifestyle offers you definitive legal strategies with regards to a cut in your taxes and allows you to put that money saved towards building your own wealth, and personal growth.




investor 4This is an important lesson to learn. With great wealth comes a great responsibility, often referred to as the Law of Abundance. Successful people don’t hoard money. They always tend to reinvest it in good ideas, more training, even higher education. They do this because they have an understanding of the true value of money and how each investment fits into their financial plan like a puzzle piece.




investor 5Just as its important to surround yourself with beneficial networking and social people, the same is true for the professionals in your life. A successful investor should always have the esteemed company of at least one good attorney, a trusted accountant, a reliable investment advisor as well as many other professionals.




investor 6No matter where you go, successful investors always travel. Not just within their own country, but to neighbouring countries and around the world. There is always opportunity somewhere in the world, and successful investors chase the dream until they’ve found it. Travelling is part of an investors core; it allows them to have incredible life experiences which keeps them sharp and hungry for more. Having a passport, and using it, is a crucial step in developing the travel bug.

To celebrate Mr Sayed Mia’s 70th Birthday

To celebrate Mr Sayed Mia’s 70th Birthday, we are taking you on a journey of 7 decades of his astonishing accomplishments and incredible philanthropy throughout the month of March!




Sayed Mia started his career as an esteemed and well respected teacher in his early years.


He is the sponsor of the “Time To Learn Project”. This project, very near and dear to Mr Mia’s heart, was founded by him in the early 1070’s. The basis for the project enabled homework help and extra special tuition to be given to students of Grayville and Tomsville whose families had no light or efficient amenities at home in order for them to do their schoolwork. This entire project was founded and sponsored solely from Mr Mia’s then teachers salary.


Now that’s not only a man with a big heart, but a kind one.

7 decades of his astonishing accomplishments and incredible philanthropy

To celebrate Mr Sayed Mia’s Birthday week, we are taking you on a journey of 7 decades of his astonishing accomplishments and incredible philanthropy.




Sayed Mia has been a sponsor for SMILE WEEK for the Smile Foundation for many yard no and has helped to change the lives of so many children born with different types of facial abnormality such as cleft lip, and palate  burn victims. During SMILE WEEK these courageous children receive free plastic and reconstructive surgery within South Africa, offering them both pre and postoperative care.


Who are the The Smile Foundation?


The Smile Foundation, formed in 2000, is the culmination of one child’s incredible story that prompted its chief patron, Mr Nelson Mandela


IMG_5662The Smile Foundation, formed in 2000, is the culmination of one child’s incredible story that prompted its chief patron, Mr Nelson Mandela to ensure that his passion for the health and well being of all children in South Africa could be realised. Thando Manyathi, a little girl at the time, was facing great obstacles and was suffering from a rare medical condition causing facial nerve paralysis, also known as Moebius Syndrome. Thando’s mother Thabile wrote letters to Mr Mandela relentlessly asking for help for her child to be able to go overseas to have a specialised surgery which in turn would give her quality of life back. Mr Mandela, as we all came to know, read these letters and without a second thought he made the call. The Lubner family became inspired by Thando’s story of survival, and they in turn started to think that if Thando needed help, how many other children in South Africa were living with these kinds of medical deformities and painful ailments. To send one child overseas had no sustainability, because of all the others they were leaving behind. So why not bring the medical skills to South Africa? And so the Smile Foundation was born.


The Smile Foundation today is a world renowned NGO that aids children with any type of facial abnormality such as cleft lip, and palate, burn victims, facial paralysis and other conditions such as ear and nose deformities, facial growths and craniofacial conditions. They receive free plastic and reconstructive surgery within South Africa with pre and post operative care. Due to the vision and belief of Mr Mandela, children who for so long have to had to endure so much suffering can now smile freely. The Smile Foundation has to date put the smiles back on the faces of over 1 400 children, and counting.


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