This week was a big one for Sayed Mia.

This week was a big one for Sayed Mia.

He met and caught up with colleagues in important business meetings in Abu Dhabi with his team of consultants.

Sayed Mia also walked the red carpet at this year’s Zee Cine Awards, held in India.

The Zee Cine Awards ceremony is a spectacular event held to celebrate the Hindi Film Industry. They were first held in Mumbai until 2004, when the Zee Cine Awards went international and have since had their ceremonies in Dubai, London, Mauritius and Malaysia to name but a few.


Some of the winners this year included –

Best film (jury) – Bajirao Mastani

Best director (jury) – Sanjay Leela Bhansali for Bajirao Mastani

Best actor female (jury) – Deepika Padukone for Piku

Best actor male (jury) – Amitabh Bachchan for Piku & Ranveer Singh for Bajirao Mastani


IMG_5211 IMG_5212






Sayed Mia attending meetings with colleagues in Abu Dhabi this week.





Sayed Mia walking the red carpet at this year’s glittering ZEE CINE AWARDS 2016 held in India.








Sayed Mia at the ZEE CINE AWARDS in India, pictured with one of the Zee anchor woman for the night in India.








Sayed Mia with famous Choreographer of HINDI Movies Ghanes Acharya who won Best choreography at this year’s ZEE CINE AWARDS for his work on Malhari -Bajirao Mastani




The art of Succeeding as an Entrepreneur

Sayed Mia is not only a high profile personality who is well known for his connections in the broader South African business community, in both local and international diplomatic circles. He has led and participated in a number of international delegations involving bilateral business and political agreements. He is an accomplished public speaker and panelist and has been quoted at length in a number of financial, business publications.


The art of succeeding as an entrepreneur does not only take hard work and persistence, but it takes an enormous amount of passion, perseverance and a positive attitude that sets successful entrepreneurs apart.


In his many years of successful business, Sayed Mia knows these lessons more than anyone else. He understands them, and that being a triumphant entrepreneur means more than starting new ventures every other day. It means having the right attitude towards a business and the determination and grit to achieve success in all areas of the business.


Sayed Mia has put together his tips for a successful business owner, so let’s take a look at the qualities, tips and lessons that go into making a successful entrepreneur.


Tip 1


Being your own boss and running your own business and workforce has to be one of the biggest perks of the jobs. Now while the perks such as when you get to work, what time you leave, are great, it also means that the success or failure of your company rests entirely on the actions of your own. So make sure you are being productive at all times, and throw in a power nap here and there. You’d be surprised how much that revitalises and energises you for the day ahead.


Tip 2

Tip2They say that music feeds the soul. Music can also feed the mindset and productivity of your work. It helps to drown out the background noise of the office and works miracles. Great for relaxing and focusing on the task at hand.




Tip 3

Tip 3Remember that once you have started your company there will be millions of people wanting to meet with you, be it customers, advisors or investors. It can be quite overwhelming at the beginning and remember that you are only one person so don’t spread yourself thin. Instead – schedule all of your important meetings for one day of the week.


Tip 4

Tip 4Your trusted laptop or PC is your best friend as an entrepreneur. So be kind to it, and know its value. When it comes to delving into a bunch of smaller tasks to get to the bigger ones, that’s one of the best kept secrets to making business life smoother. Also pay attention to the shortcuts on your keyboard.Get to know them, how they work and what they do. It’s guaranteed to change your life!


Tip 5

Tip5Its important as an entrepreneur and business owner to set goals and have a checklist. At the end of each week, make sure to go through it with your team. Analyse which you have achieved and which you haven’t. Ask questions as to why you didn’t achieve the particular task and talk about how you can achieve it going further. Goals and checklists help to keep everyone moving forward.


Tip 6

Tip 6Remember to look after yourself. A company is only as strong as the person leading it, so make time for yourself to get to the gym, stay active and healthy. Always remember to balance your personal life with your work life.

Sayed Mia connections in the broader South African business community


Sayed Mia is a high profile personality who is well known for his connections in the broader South African business community in government, local and international diplomatic circles. He has led and participated in a number of international delegations involving bilateral business and political agreements. He is an accomplished public speaker and panelist and has been quoted at length in a  number of financial, business publications. His philanthropy has made him a loved and adored man in all circles in South Africa, in all races and religions.


Using his god given talents of lateral thinking and a strong sense of intuition, he was able to propel his brokerage firm into an outstanding success. So much so that African Eagle Insurance approached him to establish an office in Lenasia. Within time he not only became the manager, but also the regional manager and then a board member. He also achieved the distinction of being Man of the year in his company for 6 years in a row. Sayed Mia broke the mould during this time in South Africa when it was both unlikely and unheard of for a person of colour to achieve such a level success.


There are definitely important lessons to be learned from Sayed Mia’s business ethos and the importance of a happy motivated workforce.


  1. Show them they’re valued

While paying well is key, there are all sorts of other ways you can let your staff know they’re valued. The simplest of these is to TELL them. Tell them you value what they do. Tell them how important they are to the business. Beyond telling them try to show them, try bringing your core & extended team, including some of your casual staff, to an upcoming concert, theatre show or lovely dinner, simply to say thanks.


  1. Create a fun work environment

Consciously make an effort to try to create a workplace that your motivated workforce will enjoy coming to each day. There are small and unique things that you can do  and they always seem to foster a happiness among the team and that’s invaluable.


  1. Give them responsibility

One of the best ways to motivate people is to give them responsibility. Let them take meetings on their own. Let them go out to see potential new clients. Trust that they know how you want them to operate on your behalf and that you can rely on them to do it for you.


  1. Get their input on decisions – big or small

Only a fool, whether successful or not, thinks he or she is right ALL the time. Nobody is. If you can accept that then it makes perfect sense to involve your staff when making business decisions. A motivated workforce will be motivated to make sure the right decisions are made for the business. They want what’s best for the business which is exactly what you want them to want.


  1. Don’t be afraid of criticism

A motivated workforce will challenge you. They’ll challenge you on everything that matters. That’s one of the most important benefits of a happy and motivated team.