Sayed Mia Hosted and Attended Dinner in India

Sayed Mia Hosted and attended dinner in India

Sayed Mia was recently hosted by and attended an esteemed dinner in India which included the illustrious company of renowned businessmen, celebrities and stars from the Bollywood industry.



Sayed Mia was in the company of Bollywood actor, Sharukh Khan.



Sayed Mia is pictured with Javed Jaffrey who is well known in India for donning various eccentric hats. He is also an acclaimed Bollywood actor, dancer, singer, choreographer, VJ, Emcee, as well as a renowned filmmaker. You may also recognize him as the son of popular comedian, Jagdeep. Javed definitely carries on the legacy & tradition of the humor his father is known for with his own comedic style.


Main Image – Still In India, Sayed Mia is pictured here with Poonam Dhillon, a well known and loved Indian Hindi actress with her love in the Bollywood film, theatre and TV genres. Not only is she an accomplished actress, but she is also a former Femina Miss India from 1977. She has acted in over 80 films and is best known for her 1979 film, Noorie.

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Being a business owner in todays economy, can at times cause the future to look a little bleak. When you started your business, nobody gave you a user manual on how to approach the tough times; and while every business is different, with each one carrying its own risks and rewards, there are some general tips and strategies that you can follow to help you weather the storm. Sayed Mia has excelled at this and today he is sharing his top tips for you.


Always look at the Big Picture

People have a tendency to attack the most obvious problems with vigour and zero reservations. That’s understandable, and perhaps the approach makes good business sense in some situations. However, it is also advisable to look at the “big picture” to make a positive and lasting change, comprehend the size and scope of the problem and understand the companies business plan and model, and how its strengths and weaknesses come into play.

Really taking the time to fully grasp and understand the true problems that are holding your business back will help you pinpoint  the company’s strengths as well as its weaknesses, and prevent change, such as a dip in the economy, from adversely impacting it.


Take a Role Call of all Staff

Payroll is often one of the top costs a small business owner has, so making sure the money is well spent makes sense. This may involve a thorough review of the staff – both when a problem arises, as well as during the normal course of business. This will ensure that you have the absolute best people in the roles that fit them best, which ultimately leads to an effective workforce


Keep the Cash Piggy Bank Open

Small business owners should take steps to ensure that the company has access to cash, particularly in periods of crisis.  Business owners should have other potential sources of capital lined up as well. This might include tapping into savings, liquidating stock holdings, or borrowing from family members. A small business owner must have access to capital or have a creative way to obtain funds to make it through any lean times. There is no substitute for having cash at the ready.


Start Sweating the Small Stuff

Although it is important to keep an eye on the big a picture, a small business owner should not overlook smaller things that may have an adverse impact on the business. Sometimes in crisis, the smallest problems can put big dents in a business’s bottom line.


Know Your Bottom Line

Keeping a business afloat in difficult times is often challenging. That’s because there is no set playbook for an owner to follow, and because every business situation is different. However, because many small businesses also come with very passionate owners, some simple attention to detail can ensure that a business sails right on through to calmer and more prosperous economic times.

Business Plan

Business Plan : Whether you’re just starting out, wanting to grow your business or seeking outside help. a well thought out business plan is just the right tool you need to get you to where you want to be.

With all of his experience and knowledge in the business sector, both locally and internationally, Sayed Mia gives you his top tips for the perfect business plan.



Get rid of the fluff: You should always be as concise as possible and remove any filler language. Even if it sounds nice, fluff gets you nowhere and wastes space. Plus, when it comes to investors, they don’t want to read a long business plan. Get to the point quickly, precisely and concisely.



Be realistic: You should be honest with yourself in your business plan, which is why it’s important to consider challenges and opportunities. If you’ve got a strong idea, let it stand on its merit. When you truly believe in something, the gravity of it will always shine through, no matter the challenges. Business Plans also have a way of changing as your business grows, so allow for that change and don’t be swayed by it. Sometimes our business vision changes as we grow, and being okay with that is the first step.



Show you’re conservative side. Everyone says they’re “conservative” in their business plans, but most aren’t. You should be. Use examples to demonstrate that you’re conservative in your approach and projections.



Visuals are always a good idea and tool to use.  Whenever possible, and without overdoing it, use visuals in your business plan. Graphs, charts, and images can help bring your concept to life and will help potential investors in giving them a clearer image of your vision. It also has the added benefit of breaking up the text and helps a plan flow better.



Be creative.  Include a creative element in your business plan so you stand out and grab someone’s attention. You can use templates for inspiration, but don’t let your business plan look identical to a known templates. Do something out of the box and unique to make the business plan your own. It will allow it to stand out better and will make it more memorable.